Monday, December 31, 2012

Ten New Year’s Resolutions To Improve The Brain

In order to stay healthy and vital, the mind needs regular attention like all parts of the body. Follow these suggested resolutions for improved brain function.

Improve Your Diet

The brain thrives on a healthy diet. Incorporate an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily meals to ensure your brain receives the nutrients it requires to function at its best.

Eat Less Sugar

Sugar contributes significantly to the condition we refer to as “brain fog.” Avoid high carbohydrate foods when you need your brain to function at its highest level.

Read Two Books A Month

Reading engages the brain in physical activity. Look up new words and memorize them. Read a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles for a blend of entertainment and education.

Keep A Journal Or Diary

Keeping a daily journal lets the brain know the things that are important to you. By writing them you are reinforcing their place of importance in the brain. These events will be easier to recall at a later time.

Write About Your Family

Record the fun and exciting events of family life in notebooks. From a baby’s first tooth to the six year old riding a bike with no training wheels, you will remember details better if you have written them down. Your children and grandchildren will appreciate the stories too.

Learn A Language

The world is as close as the Internet, and knowing a second or third language is a definite asset in both your business and personal pursuits. Learning a new language is an excellent brain exercise.

Quality Sleep

Get good quality sleep every night to enhance brain function. Quality sleep refreshes and recharges the brain for the next day’s challenges.

Take Walks

Walking is good exercise and improves circulation, which is critical for a healthy brain. A good walk “clears the brain” and strengthens the memory. Daily walking can help improve the memory of senior citizens.

Play Word And Number Games

Crossword puzzles, Scrabble, Sudoku, and other word and number puzzle games create mind-stimulating challenges for the brain. Playing “thinking” types of games on a consistent basis keeps the brain functioning at a healthy level.

Never Stop Learning

When the brain is called upon to learn new things, the challenge stimulates and improves overall brain function.

Making healthy New Year’s resolutions for your brain results in improved memory and increased brain function.