Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Narrow Smile

This patient came to me because she did not like how narrow her smile looked.

Because the back teeth do not fill out the full width of the smiling lips and mouth, in most lighting there are shadows that cast in the sides of the mouth when she smiles leaving a darkness in the corners of the mouth.  In orthodontic language, these dark shadows are called "buccal corridors."

The narrowness of the upper portion of her upper jaw resulted also in a protrusion of the upper teeth.

This is the most dramatic view of the narrowness of her jaw. 
This is the same picture of her upper teeth after braces.  She elected to wear a permanent retainer which is what you see bonded to the back of her front teeth.

You can see the improvement in the width of the jaws.  I also manicured the edges of her incisors so they have the correct shape and contours.

The overbite was corrected.

You can see the dramatic improvement in her smile!